Platform Technology

At its core Linear is a fully featured Investment Administration System. Having built a market leading operational infrastructure to manage multiple investments, we turned our attention to the most challenging aspect – getting the system to integrate seamlessly into many different business models. We also recognise that maintaining an advantage in a technology based environment requires a constant dedication to innovate and improve.


Linear manages the technology allowing financial services companies to focus on their core competencies.

Deployment & Operations

Custom extensions to the existing platform architecture are developed in conjunction with our partners and delivered via dedicated project teams operating in an agile software development framework. Our platform solutions are designed to be flexible enough to fit within a broad array of legal wrappers for financial product issuance with a control and governance environment that has been approved with multiple regulators.


De-risking the path to market for exceptional financial products and services.

Solution & Product Design

Linear delivers extensive investment administration capabilities, with the flexibility for each business to assemble those capabilities into a solution that can drive their own unique value proposition. Powering a flexible and diverse palette of tools to support each unique business model – not a prescriptive set of functions that a wealth management business is forced to fit into.


Operational processing and support, tightly coupled with our technology to manage and deliver extremely precise investment data.

Integration Partners

Our focus on core transaction integrity and scale efficiency provides a logical integration path with value adding specialists across multiple disciplines. Linear handles the nuts and bolts of building and reconciling transactions allowing our integration partners to deliver their unique value propositions be it performance analytics, or UI design through to online training materials. We are constantly looking for opportunities to develop and adapt without needing to re-build non-core capabilities in-house.


Assembling best of breed service providers over a core of transaction integrity.